The story of our company

Powermaint, reliable maintenance partner since 2009.

Powermaint’s company story began in 2009 after Efore Oy shut down their factory in Saarijrvi and outsourced part of their maintenance services for the group of people who were employed in the company.

In reality Powermaint`s staff professional skills have evolved in this field since the early 90`s, when the work began on Efore, while Efore was becoming one of the largest power supply manufacturers. So, we can talk about decades of professional expertise in field of power supply repairs.

During our ten years of operation, Powermaint has been able to make an agreement of maintenance contracts with leading Finnish companies. Also, we serve customers all around the world, all the way to the Islands of Saipan.

Through the years we have fixed thousands of units. Not just power electronics, power supplies, inventers and control units but also wide arrange of other electrical units. Nowadays fixing electronics in circuit level is disappearing skills that only few can handle, but it is something we want to cherish and keep alive. At the same time, we are putting our cards together for the climate, because a lot of non-renewable resources are used to produce electronics. In this way, we save a lot of our nature’s resources with you, because when we repair, your old units there`s no need to produce a new one.

The year 2019 was the beginning of the new era, when the next generation stepped in. Otto Kuusimki has grown up in Powermaint’s shelter for years. When founder Harri Karhila moved more congested part of Finland, young and enthusiastic Kuusimki decided to seize that opportunity and started to run the company with the force of his youth. He doesn’t have to be alone, as his father Jaakko Kuusim ki is handles the sales and marketing. So, we can talk about a true family business. Beside them, member of the staff includes Kimmo and Onni. This quartet forms the core of Powermaint. The next chapter of the story has only begun.


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Why choose us?

Powermaint has a long history of electronics maintenance. We have a professional staff. Wide range of co-operation partners. Versatile component storage. We are very flexible ja agile operator. We do not believe in the traditional B2B idea, but we strongly believe that with a personal service we will be able to serve you better. We want to make the circular economy visible through our own operations. Concerning all resources, it makes sense to repair an old one than to produce a new unit.

Professional staff

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Personal service