Repair services for industrial- and telecommunication business operators.

Powermaint Oy was founded in 2009 and is providing industrial equipment maintenance and

repair services.

Repair service for industrial and telecommunications operators.

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We offer a comprehensive and high-quality repair service for operators in the industrial and telecommunications sectors, among others. Our

special expertise is power supplies, chargers and inverters. Our staff has been working in electronics for over 20 years, so our expertise is

comprehensive. Through this, the product range of the equipment we maintain is also very wide. Ask us for a quote before you decide to throw away a faulty unit.

Preventive maintenance service to ensure a long and trouble-free working life

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Many products have a very long service life, but it can be easily extended with preventive maintenance. Send us the device for pre-service in

good time, and we will replace the obsolete components, carry out a general inspection, testing and aging. This will ensure trouble-free operation for you in the future.

Maintenance report

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From us you get maintenance report from your device included by maintenance process. From report you can find the cause of the fault, what actions has been done, changed components and the time what it took to fix device.

Six months warranty for repaired devices

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We give six months warranty for repaired devices. If the device returns to us within six months for same fault, we will repair it at no charge. The warranty doesn’t cover new defects.